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The Superyacht Show is an initiative created in partnership between LYBRA, SYBAss and Superyacht Life. It is one of several ways in which the partners aim to be positive drivers of change and improvements in the global industry. However, it’s important to note that The Superyacht Show will not be a trade event. Quite the opposite, the show is customer-centric, fully focused on the visitor experience like no other superyacht event worldwide, and we aim to attract the very best yachting and luxury brands from around the world.


LYBRA is a trade association for superyacht brokerage companies which have a fleet of Central Agency yachts with a length greater than 30 metres. It aims to bring the biggest companies together to discuss current issues and to address the future concerns of the superyacht industry, which are common throughout each individual company, regardless of the industry competition they may face day-to-day.

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The current members are:


Eric G.F. Blair

Secretary General, LYBRA (Large Yacht Brokers Association)


Phone: +377 97 98 10 78



SYBAss’ mission is to ensure that the unique needs of the world’s leading superyacht builders are addressed on the international stage. Founded in 2007, the association unites and represents the builders of large yachts around the world. It is the collective voice of the superyacht building sector, with members responsible for the majority of global superyacht production.


Regulatory work is one field in which members benefit from collective representation. SYBAss maintains close relationships with regulators, including the International Maritime Organization, at which it has achieved consultative status, to influence regulatory developments and champion the interests of the superyacht industry.


But regulatory work is by no means SYBAss’ only focus. Since its inception, the association has redefined how builders are exhibited at yacht shows by using its collective power to negotiate premium, central positions for its members. Furthermore, along with commissioning a number of key reports, SYBAss has made strides in how the industry measures its global impact, culminating in the SYBAss Economic Impact Study.


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Behind every superyacht lies a story. The Superyacht Life Foundation is on a mission to share these stories, offering a fresh take on the positive people, places and projects that surround the superyachting good life.


People and personalities lie at the heart of the foundation’s content. They speak to the families who embark on pioneering adventures together by superyacht, they meet with the skilled craftsmen and women who work behind the scenes to enable these extraordinary voyages and they champion the inspirational individuals who are striving to improve the oceans and environment around us.


Superyacht Life’s roots as a non-profit organisation lie within the industry. They are supported and guided by their board members, driven by their partners and united in their mission to change the conversation about superyachting.


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