Yacht: Ruya. Builder: Alia Yachts. 

ABOUT LYBRA (Large Yacht Brokers Association)

LYBRA is a trade association for superyacht brokerage companies which have a fleet of Central Agency yachts with a length greater than 30 metres. It aims to bring the biggest companies together to discuss current issues and to address the future concerns of the superyacht industry, which are common throughout each individual company, regardless of the industry competition they may face day-to-day.

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The Superyacht Show is one of several ways in which LYBRA aims to be a positive driver of change and improvements in the global industry. However, LYBRA is a trade association and it’s therefore important to note that The Superyacht Show will not be a trade event. Quite the opposite, the show is customer-centric, fully focused on the visitor experience like no other superyacht event worldwide. It is also important to note that the show is not solely for the benefit of LYBRA members. We aim to attract the very best yachting and luxury brands from around the world.


The current members are:


Eric G.F. Blair

Secretary General, LYBRA (Large Yacht Brokers Association)

Email: SG@lybra.org

Phone: +377 97 98 10 78


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